Epicor ERP opts for a better user experience

Epicor ERP opts for a better user experience

In the Epicor ERP 10.2.700 release the user experience has been improved. With the latest technology you can continue to compete!

A modern experience with Epicor Kinetic
The 10.2.700 release ties in to modernize and improve the user experience of Epicor ERP. Discover the hundreds of new forms, reports, processes, trackers to simplify the daily work and increase the productivity of your employees.

Epicor Application Studio
This powerful toolset allows users to flexibly and intuitively create their own “environment”. In Epicor 102700, a new Application Studio homepage, websites and reusable component design have been added.

Epicor Collaborative
Connect your external or multi-location organization with company-wide close collaboration. New standard notifications provide direct insight into ERP events.

Epicor virtual agent (EVA)
EVA has learned new skills, including e-mail capabilities and the ability to create some quotation lines, RMAs and purchase orders.

Epicor Manufacturing Proof of Delivery
This mobile application goes beyond capturing mobile signatures and photos. Now you can improve driver productivity with delivery route optimization and navigation.

Advanced units of measure (Advanced UOM)
This new module improves stock traceability to meet the demands of the metal industry. Users can view and fulfill inventory in two separate units of measure, even when there is no constant conversion.

Epicor Data Analytics - Budgeting and Forecasting
This modern, cloud-based BI and analytics solution provides robust financial reports such as financial statements, balance sheets and cash flow reports in a ready-to-use format

1 EDI Source Supplier-Digital Integration Suite
Integrate customer suppliers, regardless of supplier technical capabilities, through web portal access or direct ERP integration.

Epicor ERP Cloud data access
Analyze Epicor ERP data with preferred business intelligence solutions in a write-protected environment.

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