About us

About us
since 1998 

Epicor ERP Specialist

Maximum satisfaction is Macroscoop main objective, with pragmatic approach implementations are completed quickly and successfully in accordance to the Epicor Signature Methodology.

A clear mission and vision. 

Analytic, emphatic and honest

We believe that ERP business is about unraveling complex matter into easy practice. By being emphatic, analytic, and honest, we strive to make ERP as easy as making a cup of coffee.

Macroscoop BV has been part of the worldwide Epicor Partner Network for 20 years. Epicor Software Corporation is number 5 in the ERP world rankings with a turnover of 1 billion.

In collaboration with Epicor, Macroscoop supplies, implements and supports the Epicor ERP product within the manufacturing industry and, together with Epicor, focuses on internationally operating companies.