Epicor Mattec MES is specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. With its roots in rubber, plastics, automotive and metal industry Epicor Mattec MES offers flexibility to adapt to changing demands and requirements.

Epicor Mattec is an "out of the box" ready and configurable MES-solution that can be implemented quickly and meets most of industries requirements. In combination with Epicor ERP a big step forward is made for your manufacturing process towards industry 4.0.

The added value op Epicor MES for your company:

  • Improvement of cycle times, effectiveness of equipment (Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE) and productivity of manufacturing plants
  • Eliminates manual data collection
  • Improves planning flexibility and provides real time insight in machine performance
  • Monitors each cycle and all equipment 24/7 which provides a real time insight in production and quality issues if they occur
  • Reduces scrap and/or rework by automated qualification and partial reject
  • Easy collection of equipment process data for traceability purposes
  • Maximize production and reduce cost by automatic registration of Statistical Process Control (SPC) using the results of Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
  • Monitor energy consumption and options for energy saving for every machine.